Questioning the grade of filtered water may appear odd considering that filtered water is often offered as a remedy to enhancing the protection and quality of plain tap water and reducing or removing bottled water usage. Depending on the kind of water filtration system you have installed in your house, the purification process that your plain tap water undergoes is accountable for removing a substantial percentage of the pollutants within it. But there may be a mismatch between the kind of contaminants within your plain tap water and the kind of water filtration system system you have. Because not absolutely all filters are manufactured equal rather than all filter systems remove all sorts of drinking water contaminant, there may be variations in filtered water quality as well. So when can the grade of filtered water be significantly less than what’s desirable? And it is filtered water ever unsafe to drink?

Below are a few of the most typical situations which have an impact on the basic safety and quality of the filtered water made by one’s body:

Filter mismatch

Sometimes, being unsure of which contaminants you will need to focus on in your plain tap water can lead to purchasing a drinking water filter which may be good at getting rid of some impurities and neglect to remove others. In case your water filter gets rid of chlorine or sediments for example , but it’s not made to remove bacterias or heavy metals, as well as your tap water includes the latter impurities, your filter might not provide the sufficient protection you will need against these. That is why, getting the water examined before choosing a drinking water filter can assist you in selecting the filtration system that will match your exact drinking water filtration requirements. You can attempt your drinking water either by investing in a home water tests package or by deciding on the water tests services of the laboratory.

Lack of filtration system maintenance

If you’ve got the right kind of filter, nevertheless, you don’t take notice of the necessary maintenance requirements (e. g. changing the filtration system cartridges at the mandatory intervals), you risk not getting the product quality filtered water that you’d expect or that the filtration system was created to produce. The capability of water filtration system cartridges to eliminate pollutants is finite, and that means you need to displace them every time they reach the finish of their service life.

Lack of drinking water quality monitoring

Even though you have a drinking water filter, you nevertheless still need to monitor the grade of your plain tap water. In the event that you notice changes in the flavor, appearance or the odour of your plain tap water, you should test drive it for pollutants to see what may be leading to these changes.

Although filtered water is safer than plain tap water, if you would like the very best quality filtered water, you will need to cherish the issues talked about above and be sure you choose the right filtration system for your home, maintain it properly and continue steadily to monitor the grade of your filtered water.